Méaudre Reel

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Classes and Costs

Le Méaudre Reel: different classes!

Children and teenagers' first class : Monday 12 September

Adults' first class : Tuesday 13 September

Teenagers & Adults' Class : every Tueasday, except during the school holidays, at the Centre Culturel du Cairn in Lans en Vercors,  8:15 to 10:00pm.


Teenagers & Children's Class (from 6 years on): every Monday, except during the school holidays, at the salle de sports in Méaudre.
Level 1: 5:00  to 6:00 pm
Level 2: 5:00 to 6:30 pm
Level 3: 5:30 to 7:00 pm



Annual membership: 70€ per person, 60€  for the 2nd person ( another family member  : couple, brother/sister, parent/child).  "carte Tattoo" accepted.

This membership gives you reduced prices for all our events.

For any question,  please contact Sophie Marchand : meaudre.reel@gmail.com