Méaudre Reel

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Events 2021-2022

Special sale of a "dancing cookbook" : purchase order

Sale of a 100% Méaudre Reel SCD Book (11 dances + tunes): Dancing in Vercors- Méaudre Reel Book 1 : purchase order

2 december 2022 : Celtic evening with 2 groups from Vercors : Kew, Irish music group and the Méaudre Reel, Scottish dance group. Flyer

21 january 2023 : Stage Galette or SCD Workshop taught by Nicolas Jeannerod (RSCDS Paris Branch).
Registration and Ball Program

12-14 May 2023 : SCD Weekend Workshop taught jointly by Mathias Ferber (RSCDS Paris Branch) and David Queen (RSCDS Ribble Valley Branch), with Rody Johnston and Seonaid Lynn for the music.
Friday and Saturday ball program