Méaudre Reel

flag Scottland

Whether you have a kilt or not, come and dance with us!


Do you like good company, good humour, sport, and using your brain? No doubt about it, you were made for Scottish dancing!

In fact there are two kinds of Scottish dancing; Highland dancing and Scottish Country Dancing.

Highland dancing is performed in competitions. It's for individuals with increasingly precise and complex steps, all on your toes, usually to bagpipe music. Our teenagers love these dances.

Country dances are most often danced in groups of 8; jigs, reels or strathspeys. It's geometry in space: each couple follows a different route that criss-crosses with the others till the dance ends. It's over when every couple has danced in all 4 positions. It's great exercise for legs and brain!

So the main features of country dancing are friendliness, warmth, helpfulness: all 8 dancers are needed for the dance. If one dancer is in difficulty, the role of the 7 others is to help him. This principle of respect and mutual help is what our dancers, both teenagers and adults, appreciate most.

What is still incredible is that Scottish dancing is done on every continent and to date has brought together over 100,000 dancers of all ages and every nationality.

Some Scottish dance groups are members of the RSCDS (Royal Scottish Country Dance Society) so as well as friendliness, dancers look for the rigour and precision of the steps combined with elegance.


So, are you tempted? With or without a kilt, come and join the dance!